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Shop all Lubes at Adam & Eve Toys: There's a lube for every occasion; flavored, silicone, water based, anal and more!

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Sex lubes add slip and slide to your sexual encounters. Used with a partner or your favorite Adam & Eve sex toy, lubes ensure your experiences are nice and smooth. Try massage oils for sensual foreplay or experiment with flavored lubes for tasty oral sex. If the back door is your goal, make sure you have the anal lube handy for you, your lover and your anal sex toys.

About Adam & Eve Sex Lubes


Sex Lube is something that is often overlooked - until you're mid sex act and need it the most! Adam & Eve believes sex should always be an amazing experience and one way to ensure that is to make sure sex lube is close at hand. Fortunately for us sex lube has evolved and now there's a lube for every occasion; flavored, silicone, water based, anal and more.

One the most popular lubes at our online store is the Adam & Eve all-purpose sex lube. This lubricant is a best seller for a reason; its no-spill design and water-soluble formula lets you slip, slide and shimmy the night away. We carry a number of water based sex lubes which are perfect in almost any situation. These lubes are easy to use, easy to clean up and are safe for all types of sex toys. In addition to the many Adam & Eve Signature Lubes we also carry popular brands such as Astroglide, ID Glide and System JO as well.

Lubes are also a necessity when using sex toys. Lube ‘em up, ride ‘em hard and have fabulous orgasms. Keep a bottle with your sex toys so you never had to get up and hunt around for lube when you need it most.

If you're experimenting with anal sex you absolutely must use lube. Unlike the vagina the anus and anal cavity does not self lubricate so a lubricant is necessary. Silicone lubes are especially good for anal, they are super slippery and last a long time with needing re-application. Water based lubes are good for anal adventures well but they often need several re-applications. The Adam & Eve Sex Lube Store also carries sex lubes with special ingredients such as Benzocaine to help relax and numb the anus for more comfortable anal sex. One of the most popular brands of anal sex lube is the Adam & Eve Anal Easy.

We also carry a large selection of tasty flavored lubes for your licking and sucking pleasure. These sex lubes come in a variety of flavors ranging from the traditional hot and spicy cinnamon to cool mint or for the cocktail lovers Cosmopolitan or Fuzzy Navel flavors. These lubes are fabulous for oral sex and make the experience even yummier and more fun.

There are also stay hard and tighten up crèmes for anyone looking for something a little extra with their lube. These products can help you maintain an erection or help tighten the vaginal wall for a more “virginal” feeling.

Whatever type of sex lube you may be looking for the Adam & Eve Online Lube Store has what you looking for to make your sex life better than ever.