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Who Will Pay The Price In The Ultimate Reality TV Show?

Fiction From Adam & Eve Founder Phil Harvey Read this novel –– before you wake up one day soon to find it's already happened, right here, right now –– for real.

In Show Time, Phil Harvey shows you a world where television audiences have become completely numb to depictions of violence. They crave brutal reality shows to escape their boring day to day lives.

The TV executives who can create the most popular reality shows stand to rake in millions of dollars from high ratings and commercials.

With these profits in mind, this is how the ultimate reality show begins: seven people, each bearing the scars of his or her past, are deposited on an island in the middle of Lake Superior. Equipped with just the bare necessities and a $400,000 cash prize for surviving, the three women and four men risk death by starvation or freezing as the Great Lakes winter approaches.

The island is wired for sound and flying drones overhead capture live video. Everything the contestants say or do is captured for a worldwide TV audience. Whoever makes it after seven months is the winner, they can't help each other or risk losing the prize. As far as the show is concerned, the fewer survivors, the better.
In an interview, this is what Phil Harvey said about the characters in Show Time:
"They are troublemakers. The TV show's producers hope the beautiful Maureen will invite conflict among the men. She is irresistible in her bikini. Another woman is bisexual and athletic. One of the men is thoughtful and tries to knit the group together. We all know people like this, but we never know what they will do when thrown together on an island, watched by cameras."

Reviews for Show Time include:

“A vision of the future that is laugh-out-loud, until we realize how much it looks like the world we live in now.”
— Frank S. Joseph, award-winning author of To Love Mercy

“Show Time is a gripping page-turner. Reality TV has never been more frighteningly real.”
— John Fremont, author, Sins of the Fathers

“Phil Harvey has crafted a psychological thriller that takes reality shows, and in fact much of our popular culture, just one step further into a realm of true horror. His novel about the ultimate survivor program places seven flawed individuals on an island in the middle of Lake Michigan as winter approaches.”
- Washington Independent Review of Books

“Phil Harvey elegantly dissects the plummeting values of 21st-century America, while his plot twists seize the reader by the lapels. A great read!”
— David Stewart, best-selling author of
American Emperor: Aaron Burr’s Challenge to Jefferson’s America

“A thrilling immersion in the emotional, physical, and sexual reality of characters who thought they were playing a game but find they must fight to survive.”
— Linda Morefield, senior review editor,

The Washington Independent Review of Books

“A modern-day Lord of the Flies with grownups.”
— Solveig Eggerz, author of the award-winning novel Seal Woman

“Show Time is erotic and chilling in its portrayal of human survival. Entertainment serves government by dishing up the ultimate reality program to sate a nation of voyeurs and ensure the continuance of our most civilized of societies. Check your calendar—the future is already here.”
— Sal Glynn, scriptwriter, and author of The Dog Walked Down the Street

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