Rocks-Off RO-80MM Rechargeable Bullet Features

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Hit An Orgasmic Bull's Eye Every Time!

–– Now USB Rechargeable!

The RO-80MM Bullet is one of the strongest bullet vibrators on the market, offering powerful sensations at the touch of a button...and now it's rechargeable. A crack British design team created its sleek look and quality design so you'll be reaching for this little wonder night after night. Once charged, the Rocks-Off RO-80MM Rechargeable Bullet will run for up to 2 hours, with your choice of 7 scintillating settings. It is small enough to hide in a purse or pocket for discreet pleasure sessions, too.

• 7 scintillating speeds
• 3" long and 5/8" wide
• Narrow tip for pinpoint pleasures
• ABS plastic with gold finish
• Touch control in base
• Recharges with USB connection to computer, laptop or phone charger
• Dresser friendly recharger base and display case
• Great for beginner, intermediate and advanced sex toy users
• British design
• To shut off, hold down touch control for 3 seconds

RO-80MM's sleek bullet-shaped vibrator body tapers to a point that can be used for pinpoint stimulation for intense satisfaction. The shiny gold colored surface brings bling loaded for action to your party! It becomes sensually slick when you add a little of your favorite water based or silicone lubricant to enhance the blissful vibes.

To start the vibe, gently tap the touch control on the bottom end and the rapid vibrations will begin in the tip, ready to be directed where you desire. The slender body, longer than most mini bullets, is easy to hold and maneuver, even when things get hot and heavy.

Charging is easy, plug the USB connector in to your computer, laptop or phone charger and when the light goes off, it's ready. You'll get 2 hours of power to get the job done.

Adam & Eve recommends this upgrade to the original RO-80MM to anyone who wants to enjoy more speeds of stimulation and avoid purchasing batteries.

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3.0 inches


Clitoral stimulator, Rechargeable, Multiple Speeds, Multiple Vibrations


.50 inches


Metallic, Gold


Male, Female



Power Source:


Customer Reviews - Rocks-Off RO-80MM Rechargeable Bullet

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on May 10, 2014

I bought this because I go through way too many batteries on my bullets and hoped this would help me save money. Boy was I wrong. This was a waste of money!! This is not as strong as Adam and Eve 2.0 bullet after several uses!! I don't even bother with this one anymore. Ladies, save your money and use the Adam and Eve 2.0 bullet. LOTS cheaper!!
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on May 29, 2014

This is fantastic! Love the different settings and battery free! Goes a long time!
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