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Adam & Eve Customer Testimonials


We love hearing from you and other shoppers. Your feedback helps us improve the Adam and Eve site, find ideas for new adult sex toys, and make your shopping experience better than ever. Plus, nothing makes us happier than a pat on the back from one of our terrific customers for a job well done.

Share your Adam and Eve experience with us.

Here's a small selection of what customers have to say about their Adam and Eve experience. Names have been edited where needed to conceal our customers' privacy. Click here to send an email sharing your Adam & Eve experience with us.

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General Customer Testimonials



Yall are the best. -Marian

I do love Adam and Eve and have shopped here before and also recommend it to others. I will shop back soon and I highly appreciate The excellent customer service as well as quick replies/transactions! Continue the greatness and will shop back soon. Thank you very much! -Dani

I am proud to be a customer of A&E. The fact is A&E is helping me explore aspects of my sexuality I never thought I would be able to do. Prostate massage with various anal devices and now a blow up doll. The videos I have ordered are top quality. Not like the videos I used to buy back in the 70s. I was at my local A&E store a few weeks ago and had my picture taken with Stormy Daniels. She autographed one of her DVDs and a poster for me. I was in sexual heaven! Being recently divorced and not ready to start dating again I find satisfaction in exploring my personal sexual desires. Not bad for someone who turned 59 a few weeks ago. I don't even have to take Cialis anymore. A&E makes me feel younger and more secure in my personal sexual explorations. -Ken

I appreciate it and, as always, it has been great doing business with Adam & Eve. -Kim, Texas

I just wanted to say that I have been happily ordering from Adam & Eve online for years, but I never knew that they had franchise stores! I stopped by the Gastonia, NC store recently and was pleasantly surprised at the high level of customer service provided by the sales associates, and at their selection! Thank you Adam & Eve, for providing a variety of shopping options!! -Leigh

Hi. I know you get a lot of emails from your customers. I just wanted you to know that I received my first Adam & Eve order today. Both packages came in at the same time. I couldn't really go through them at work to see what all I received but it looks like I got everything. I will certainly enjoy my new toys while watching my videos tonight. I may have to call in sick tomorrow. I wonder if "Excessive Horniness" is considered a medical condtion. I remember what it was like back in the 60s and 70s going into an adult video store. Dirty, dark, scary; creepy old men hiding in corners dressed in trench coats. Even going to an adult movie theater was risky and dangerous. I have been in some stores that aren't much better even today. I am so glad that Adam & Eve is around to take care of my needs. The customer service on-line as well as in the stores is incredible as well as the products. And I truly appreciate you letting me know about the wonderful specials. You will have to excuse my excitement. I feel like a kid at Christmas. Afterall, this is my first order. Looking forward to my second order and many more orders in the future. Thank you again and please, keep the specials coming. -Ken

You never cease to fail with going above my expectations. Thank You so much! -John

I am honestly absolutely floored by how wonderful the customer service at A&E has been! I am a first time buyer (both with A&E and with ordering items of this nature online) and I will most definitely tell everyone I know who is in the market for good quality toys at great prices and with fabulous customer service! It is really outstandingly generous of you at A&E! Thank you again to all the wonderful staff at A&E! Its been an absolute pleasure and I hope to visit again soon! -D, Canada

My fiance' and I love the Parodies and I love shopping from here. I was recomended by a close friend and I'm glad he did. I love the outstanding service and products you all have and I hope to keep shopping with you for the times to come. I'm from Colorado and My name is John! and I love Adam & Eve! -John Z.

I just want to say thank you for all you do. your buisness saved my marriage. i refuse to shop at any other store like this. you guys are awesome! - Justin K.

I placed an order about a week ago and received it Saturday. Great service and awesome products. I am happy so far. I just wanted to send this to say Thank You. Keep up the good work. - Marc B.

Thanks for all your help. I recommend Adam & Eve to all of my close friends. You definitely have the best selection and the best prices. Your specials are always awesome and the customer service is fantastic. You have a customer for life! Without you guys, life would be a bit on the dull side. Thanks for adding fun and excitement! - Quenn, TN

Thank you so much. I really appreciate the great customer service. I have ordered from A&E many times and have always been completely satisfied with the products. Thank you again. – Bryan

You guys are seriously the best! I'll be back for more!! Thank you. – Chris

I have enjoyed doing business with your company for years and plan to continue doing so in the future. – Gary


Thank you Adam and Eve! Thou art always congenial and discrete. Generous, reasonable and knowledgeably responsive. My girlfriend and I have never been happier! – Charles

I would like to say I think you are a outstanding company. Not only do you help people in the part of their lives that is so important; the part that they spend most of the day thinking about, but you also have a great customer service department as well. If I worked for adam and eve, I would feel that my job contributed to the sum of human happiness. – Carolina

Hi ! i want to thank u all for sending my merchandise ! when i didnt receive it and u promised me u would do it again U KEPT UR WORD ! thank you again i cant wait to try it out . – Leonard

I have ordered products from your company for many years and I have seen you evolve and expand your business to keep up with the supply and demand to keep pace with the times. Thank you for your products and your ever-growing line of adult toys, vibrators, lubes, DVDs and all the rest of your quality products. Keep up the good work. Even though I am 60 yrs. old now, I still am blessed with a very good sex life and hope to continue to for many years to come. You are the only company from which I order this type of product from. I have always been satisfied with the quality of your products. I will continue to purchase from you as long as I can. Once again, thank you and I do appreciate your thanking me. – Larry

It has been a pleasure working with a company of your caliber. The experience has been incredibly discreet, informative and problem free. I will continue to order products from Adam and Eve. – Dick

I just want to say how pleased I am with your products, your people and your prompt, fair and courteous service. I have made several purchases over the last two years and your company has been very honest and responsive to problems. Thank you for setting such a standard for business. You may deal in XXX but your company is AAA. I will continue to be a repeat customer and will always check you first. – Jerry

Mr Harvey, I want to thank you for your donation to charities.. Especially the make a wish foundation. I have a 15 year old son with cerebral palsy...the make a wish foundation sent my son and our family to Disney in 2002 and paid for everything.. It was an awsome trip.. And it was made possible because of people like you who donate to a good cause. Thank you. - Diana

Hi--I just wanted to thank you for a change. I had no idea of your charitable works. I'm especially glad to hear of your contributions to DKT, Make-a-Wish Foundation and Breast Cancer A&R. I've been a happy customer these many years, but even more so now. As for the items I recently ordered, I can only say with complete honesty that the pleasure is all mine! - John

Where do I start? You Guys are Amazing! From Customer Service all the way down to the people who make the products. This site has the best deals in the world I'd have to say. Yes I can say I have cheated on you guys by looking at other sites to see if anyone beats you. But no one has and ever will. I feel so comfortable buying toys from you guys and before I was so nervous. You make me feel like this is normal, like everyone does it. I do have some ways to improve your products! But if not interested thats fine because your products are still A+ Thank You So Much Customer Service/Adameve – Jonathan

I have been a satisfied customer for over 20 years...and your service is second to none! - Joseph

I wanted to personally thank you and your company. I am currently deployed in Iraq right now so you can imagine that it gets kind of rough on me and my wife's marriage, but you and your company and your great items have help us out alot. We have only purchased two items from your company so far, but my wife fell in love with just those two items the moment she first started to use them. I can assure you that me and my wife will be visiting your site a whole lot more. So once again thank you!!! – Kenny & Bobbie

We are certainly enjoying our new products and they have met our expectations. Congratulations on your donations and want to say thank you from America, because there are some/too many needy people out there and when someone or an organization such as yours goes out of their way to make the less fortunate's lives a little easier it shows and it makes the country a nicer place to live. I'm definitely not rich, as a matter of fact my wife and I struggle every month to pay our bills and I shop at your webstore because of the discounted merchandise and THAT TOO REALLY HELPS a struggling couple stay interested while still being able to provide for their struggling families. Even with the little we have I still donate whatever I can even if it's only $20 a year. KEEP UP THE OUTSTANDING JOB YOUR DOING AND THANK YOU AGAIN – Robert

I would just like to tell you that I think you have the number one adult site. I can't say enough how great it is to do business with your company. I have tried another site ONCE. I will never buy from another company than Adam & Eve. Thank you for such a great job all of you do! – Belinda

I had NO IDEA that you donated so much money to charities like you do and the ones you donate to are great ones for sure. It's so nice to see a company "give money back" rather than give it to all of the CEO's so they can line their pockets and just keep getting richer and richer while so many folks suffer. My hats off to you and your company for helping those that can't make it on their own and need some help!! Great Job, keep up the great work! – Tammy

I have shopped with you for over 20 years and have never had anything but complete customer satisfaction. - C.

I would like to say "thank-you" for your fine company. I have ordered "this & that" from time to time, and your company has always stood behind their products, maintaining the attitude to "keep the customer satisfied"....when it comes to adult products, I very seldom buy from anyone else. Just wanted you to know this. Ever since I started dealing with Adam & Eve, I have been a "happy - camper" thanks Adam & Eve... - Paul

Thank you so much! You guys have the best deals and AMAZING customer service! I will definitely be buying from Adam & Eve again in the very near future and will tell all of my naughty friends, lol! Thanks again for everything!!! – Kristen

I would just like to say how great my expeirience with adam and eve is and was in the past.I have ordered several times from you over the years and always had great service and great products,I have just made 3 orders in the past 2 weeks and with one I had a slight problem(somone in the mail opened the package and took out all merchandise and left only the envelope)and I thought there would be nothing I could do, wrong as soon as I let them know they resent the order!Also had a slight problem with my second order....not a big deal it just wasn't as big as I thought it was and so they replaced the money in my account!! No problems at all always great customer service and always great products and offers,coupons,etc. So I want to thank you for being such a great company!!! – Lisa

My question is: how are you guys so awesome? Truly, the service I have received from adameve has been absolutely flawless. Tons of bonuses and discounts all the time, and everything is great. Thank you! It's difficult to get into the liberated, modern sex life in a state as uptight and conservative as Wyoming. Knowledge and enjoyment is spreading, though, and it's thanks to businesses such as AdamEve that don't flinch from basic humanities that are intrinsic to us all, whether or not we admit it. – Cameron

My girlfriend and I think you guys are absolutely incredible! Thanks for everything! Never a disappointment doing business with your company. – Sean

I am delighted to be a new client of your company. I am also very greatful that you contribute to many of the causes that hit close to home for me. I did have a problem with my 1st order. the "White Rabbit" did not work when it arrived but, your employee(s) took care of that with a priority shipment replacement. I was so pleased with your company's timely fashion that I have now done some of my Christmas shopping right here online with adameve.com. I look forward to doing more business with you in the near future. You do know how to keep your clients happy, I thank you for your time. – Lenora

I'm basically a new customer with Adam & Eve and I can't express how truly wonderful your business is. Please keep up the high standards & excellent work! Thank you. – Thomas

Thank you Mr. Phil Harvey for all the products you have to offer, I will be order from your company time and time again. You have great prices and great delivery time. I have never had a problem with your services. Thank You – Steve

I am so pleased to hear that ya'll help promote humanity programs. I have always been pleased with the service we receive from you. My husband and I both. I hope you do very well and know that you are the only place we buy from. Please continue your good work and if you ever need anything please let us know how we can help. Your customer service is wonderful. Thank you so much. – Maegan

Congratulations! Adam & Eve is a strictly legitimate operation in a somewhat questionable business. In our dealings, your company has taken prompt and effective actions to insure my satisfaction. I have not the slightest hesitation in recommending your firm as honest, ethical and with actual concern for your customers. Thanks. – Robert

Laurel and I have been ordering from Adam &Eve for many years, and will continue to do so. The products you offer are great and continue to revitalize and add variety to our marriage of nearly 25 years (August 19, 1983). Perhaps it's because we never paid close enough attention, or maybe you're simply advertising it more, but when we learned that you donate such a large percentage of your profits to charity, it gave us a bit of satisfaction to think that we are also playing a small role in helping others. Thanks for all the wonderful marital aids you have provided Laurel and me, your outstanding customer service, and especially the community work that you promote. We need more business leaders like you, Mr. Phil Harvey! – James and Laurel

I just wanted to say a simple thank you. My wife and I have been playing the "safe" sex thing since we married three years ago. I got deployed to Baghdad about a year ago and during one of our email exchanges we finally admitted what we both really like. They were both the same thing. So to our excitement we went on a nice $500 shopping spree which included bondage bedsheets and all the fixings. I am sad to say that we did not find your site until shortly before my mid tour leave. Since then though my wife and I look exclusively on your site. Your emails are the only ones that do not go straight to junk mail. We bought a couple things just from surfing on the site. We bought a paddle on the day of the fifty percent off sale and we are very excited for my coming home in February 09 to use all we have bought and learned. Thank you just for being a very helpful site. You are very well organized and very helpful in guiding young couples new to this. I thank you for helping my wife and I. I am happy to say I get out of the Army in April 2009 so expect to hear from me more. Thanks again. – Justin

I must say so far all the claims that Adam and Eve make are 100% TRUE. You guys have an easy to navigate website, ordering is fast and easy, and you guys ship super fast. Above all your customer service appears to be top notch. It is simple things like a shipping confirmation e-mail signed by an actual person that makes a shopping experience even better. I would like to thank you and your company very much. Hope you have a great day. – MK

I just wanted to let you know that I have been ordering from your company for a while now and even on the very rare occasion when I have had a complaint, I have always received the most courteous and helpful service from any and all of the operators I have ever talked to. My husband travels constantly with his job and what time we do have together is limited so we try to keep it spicy and fun as well. We enjoy your products very much and because of the great service and quality items you offer I never hesitate to pass your catalogs around to friends and I have yet to have any one of them come to me with a complaint about your products or service either so I am confident that they are just as satisfied with Adam & Eve as we are. Thank you again and just wanted to let you know I do appreciate it because it seems that too many people only remember to complain and seldom remember to say Thank You! – Ruthi

In these troubled times, I'm a little more careful about who I spend my money with. I remember reading about the head of your company giving money to a good cause, so I thought I'd give you a try. Your products looked good. After my first shipment I could see that I can trust your company and its good service. I want to say how wonderful it was to see a great message about protecting our rights and freedoms on my video. This was very important to me. It made me feel that you are indeed the right kind of people. I can feel safe, comfortable, and really good about doing business with you. – Emily

I just wanted to thank you so much for your excellent customer service. We needed a dvd replaced and it was done very quickly with a nice note attached. You all have always been really helpful and friendly. It is appreciated! – Rachel

Thank you so much. Your company was recommended to me, by one of your long time customers, and an almost life-long freind, and I will be glad to report back to him, how accomodating you were. – Beverly

I had a defective item and not only did I get a new one shipped to me free but with priority shipping. Thank you! – Emily

My wife and I love your web sight we are very happy with the customer service you give. Thanks again – Joseph

As a long-time customer, I've not corresponded before. Yet, I feel I must comment on the service I've received. The adult industry has long "enjoyed" a sketchy reputation. Your professionalism and caring expressed to me, not in advertising or gimmicks, but in real service and prompt, efficient replies from your customer care team is the best I've received. You deserve great credit for the customer service and support you give. Even when products are back ordered, you keep me up on order and are amazingly prompt and courteous in your replies, offering no excuses, just the facts. The products and films have all been as advertised, first quality merchandise. – Robert

Just wanted to say I think it is great that part of the profits are going to help breast cancer because my mom is a breast cancer survivor and that means a lot to me. I have always been very pleased with your products and service and will definitely be back. Thank you again. – Mary